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Student Testimonial

A Student’s Experience

About ten years ago, I was queuing with my friend in the post office and she asked me to spell pharmacy. I was put on the spot and I panicked completely. I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t spell it. Later on, I was telling another friend. She said to me “Why don’t you go up the learning centre.” And that is where I met Sindy Fitzpatrick who gave me a really, warm, Sindy welcome. I started six years ago and I am still here.  I have done Communications Level 3, Spelling, Computers, Personal Development and Cookery. Thanks to all the staff for always being so helpful and welcoming.

My education like many people came to a full stop when I was 13. I remember my mother taking the book out of my hand whenever I tried to read something. In school they found out when I was around 10, that I had a hearing problem. It was only in later life that I realised that this could be connected to my spelling problems. I tried to give my own children, the opportunities that I didn’t have. And thank God, things have worked out for them and my grandchildren.

I know that some people might think I am confident. I know I can talk the talk. People who knew me were surprised I was coming to the centre.  Behind it all, I can be a nervous wreck sometimes, but doing classes has really improved my confidence. I now say things like “I know what that means” instead of “what does that mean?

I know when I said that I was coming up here, people said to me, “I would never go to classes in Finglas, you never know who you might meet “. But it is the people that I didn’t know, that has made it so great for me. I have met so many new people. It is wonderful social outlet. I have met people from so many different countries, age groups and backgrounds that I would never have got to meet otherwise.

I have gone to places I never thought about before. I had never been to the theatre before, now I go to every play that Joan organises – thanks so much Joan.

I can use the computer- skype my family. I can write a letter (I am still hanging on to my dictionary though) I want to learn how to use FACEBOOK this year to keep in touch with my grandchildren.

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