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Reskilling and Upskilling for Work or Going to College 2022


Basic Skills Computers Junior / Leaving Cert Dedicated Return to Work/ College Leisure
Internet Skills Internet Skills LC English Upskill for Work Human Growth
& Development QQI 5*
Positive Psychology
Using your phone Word Processing
JC History Career Planning Psychology of
People QQI 5*
Relaxation &
Reading Word Processing
QQI 4*
JC Geography Dyslexia Strategies Cognitive Behavioural Thinking
Writing Word Processing
QQI 5*
Business English QQI4* Creative Writing
Maths Digital Media QQI3 & QQI4 Excel QQI 4* Art / Ceramics /
Mosaics / Sewing
Spelling Excel QQI 4* Philosophy QQI 5 Irish
Digital Skills Computers Retired Interculturalism QQI 4 Yoga
Dyslexia Support Social Studies QQI 5 Philosophy Beginners and Improvers
Social Justice Principles QQI 5

Do you want to improve your current skills or gain new skills? Have you been out of learning for some time?

Perhaps you lost your job? Did you leave school without doing exams or do you think you would have got better results if you had applied yourself?

Word Processing QQI 3 or QQI4 or QQI5

Essential for survival in the workplace.

Improve your typing speeds. Learn more about tables, manual text formatting, applying styles, creating tables, inserting and manipulating tables and  graphics, adjusting the appearance and positioning of text and graphics; mail merge; margins; tabs; line spacing; tracking and reviewing documents

Excel QQI 4

Excel helps you create spreadsheets. Using calculations and formulas, it will help you with budgets, financial data, statistical data, reports, charts, graphs and small lists.

Digital Media QQI 3 or QQI 4

  • Create digital video and audio clips
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels
  • Digital media and your online identity
  • Digital media and how you can use it for work
  • Analyse fake news
  • How digital media has influenced our lives and society
  • Analyse online social, political or environmental campaigns that you are interested in.

Maths QQI 3 or QQI 4

Getting to grips with Maths useful for the workplace or for further study

Psychology (Human Growth and Development) QQI Level 5

Learn about the different stages of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Learn about theorists such as Freud, Erikson and Bowlby. Particularly useful for Social Studies/Care or Humanities

Psychology of People QQI Level 5(5N3634)

Learn how our beliefs, assumptions and attitudes impact us. Look at yourself and your self-image; personality and work behaviour and how you manage conflict. Think about you physical and psychological wellbeing: self-acceptance; positive relationships self-perception

History Junior Cert (Joan Foley) Tues 11.30-1.30pm

Are you curious about the world? Do you want to understand why we are where we are? In order to understand what is going on in the world today, we need to understand the past.

Learn about Ancient Greece, Viking Ireland, Urbanisation, the Industrial Revolution, Globalisation, Migration and lots more.

*There is a book you must rent to go with this course.

English Leaving Cert

(Joan Foley) Tues 9.30-11.30 and Thurs 9.30-11.30am

Learn to enjoy English and the fun of reading and writing. Open yourself up to books, films, poetry and drama. Challenge yourself with an exam. You will love it.

If you are thinking of further education or going to college,

Leaving Cert English will help you prepare for the assignments, essays and reports. If you are out of practice, with writing, this course will help you brush up.


Learn spelling strategies; work on your spelling issues

Taking care of yourself

Career and education guidance; relaxation, mindfulness, goal setting, positive thinking

*Essential for anyone doing Psychology modules to have Leaving Cert English or equivalent.

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