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Psychology of Human Growth and Development: QQI Level 5

Mon and Friday 11.30am-1.30pm for 16 weeks

How do children, adolescents and adults grow and develop?


Drug addiction; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need; alcoholism; the stages of grief; strategies for teenagers coping with peer pressure; Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.


Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment: factors that influence and affect attachment.

Mary Ainsworth: Test for measuring attachment.


  1. What makes up the personality?
  2. Five stages of psychosexual development.
  3. Defence mechanisms: repression, denial, projection.

Erikson:  “Adolescence is a time for the search for identity”.

Marcia: Theories of identity.

Who is this course for?

If you are interested in psychology; if you want to do further study; if  you want to brush up and improve your skills in assignment and essay writing.


Research, assignment writing, note-taking skills, study skills, group work, presentations.

Adult Education Guidance free of charge is included in this course.

Our Adult Education Guidance team will help you work out where you are going next.

What do you need to do this course?

  • Minimum Junior Cert level or the same standard.
  • You must have native speaker standard of English.
  • We will ask you to write something to help us work out what courses suit you best.

QQI Level 5

Entry Requirements:

  • Students should have Junior Cert Ord Level English or equivalent.
  • We may ask you to do a written assessment to work out which course suits you best.
  • Level of English: You must have native speaker level of English. If you have not received any qualifications in Ireland, we may ask you to do a written assessment.
  • IT Skills: You will have to type up your assignments.
  • Improving your typing speed and word processing are skills that will benefit you in everything you do after you complete this course in further study or work.

Book: ‘Human Growth and Development’ by Emma O’Brien, Gill & Macmillan, ISBN 9780717144617 Second Edition

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