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Community Education Programme Finglas & Cabra

The City of Dublin ETB Adult Education Service in Finglas and Cabra work in partnership with community-based organisations to deliver It builds self-confidence and self-esteem for those with a negative experience of formal education. It can be a stepping-stone to further learning, qualifications, and work.

Our courses are designed to help individuals and groups address the learning needs of their community and are developed in consultation with our partners.  We enable groups to engage in a social action model of Community Education addressing themes such as Anti-Racism, Climate Justice, and Social Justice

Community Education targets adults and communities who experience disadvantage and/or social exclusion. It can transform individual lives and contribute to social inclusion. Opportunities for lifelong learning are created. It builds self-confidence and self-esteem for those with a negative experience of formal education. It can be a stepping-stone to further learning, qualifications, and work.


These course descriptions can be changed to suit the needs of the group. All our classes are created and adapted to suit the learners.

Not listed here? Contact us to suggest a new idea for a class!

Art and Crafts: Learn from our tutors about different ways and methods in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Craft. Come along for a fun and relaxing class where you will create your own masterpieces and explore your creativity.

Book Club:  Are you looking for a Book Club to join? We will be hosting Book Club to meet fellow readers, discuss the stories, format and genres you are interested in reading and learn more. We will be Reading Short Stories, Books and Articles which can then be discussed and enjoyed in a group setting

CeramicsEver fancied learning how to work with Clay and make your own art masterpiece? Come along and learn how to make tiles for your garden, make that pot/bowl you’ve always wanted to!

Climate Justice:  Learn about our world and what you can do to keep it going. How to do your bit and make it count.

Cookery: Cook up a storm with our tutors and try dishes you’ve always wanted to make. Learn the basics and learn how to make your food taste delicious.

Crafts: Try Weaving, Crochet or making gifts for friends or for your home.

Creative Play:  Learn different ideas to entertain and play with young children. How to stimulate their minds and keep them active.

Creative Writing: Make up a yarn and extend it. Learn with our tutor how to build a story and develop your voice to become captivating and page turning.

Drawing: Draw from your imagination or draw from reality our drawing tutors will show you how to work out composition and proportion, how to shade and make things jump off the page.

Gardening: Learn how and when to plant whether it’s for a back/front garden or a window box. Learn how to grow and maintain your flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

Handcrafts-knitting/sewing/crochet/embroidery: Get the wool out and learn how to knit or crochet. Plan and design an embroidery to hang on the wall, give to a friend or put on piece of clothing.

History: Learn about your history, local folklore, national and international history. Listen to the stories and anecdotes from the past.

Interior Design: Do up that room or change that corner or pick a colour that makes a room taller/smaller. All this and much more at these classes

Keep Fit: Join this class and learn how to exercise your body to its best ability. All levels of fitness welcome.

Mosaic: Learn how to cut tiles and design mosaics for your house or garden. Make pot stands, mirrors, house number, etc.

Natural World-exploring the natural world: Investigate the world outside, this class will help you look at the nature around you and help to identify plants, insects, etc. and what they do for your habitat.

Nutrition: Learn about what you eat and what works for your body. What foods and what amounts help us liver better/longer lives.

Parents of children with Dyslexia: Get some help with tips and ideas on how to get the best for your child and help them to manage their dyslexia.

Parents Support Group for Parents who have English as a Second Language: Meet other parents who are helping their families cope to understand and move forward. Our tutors are here to help your transition.

Relaxation: Take a breath and have our tutors help you wind down and de-stress. We all need this.

Social Justice: In a rapidly changing world learn how to engage and understand respect for all.

Yoga: Stretch, breath and repeat. Learn how to stretch and enjoy yoga.

Wellbeing: Engage your minds for the benefits of health and Wellbeing. The tutor will cover a range of holistic approaches including wind downs and deep breathing in this class.

About the courses

  • Courses are short, designed as a first step in retuning to learning, with the option of referral to follow on courses.
  • All classes are free and available for adults from 18 years and upwards.
  • Participants will be required to complete a City of Dublin ETB enrolment form.
  • Courses will only proceed if enough people register and regularly attend.
  • Venues used for courses will have universal access where possible. Some venues may have limited disability access for people with mobility issues.
  • City of Dublin ETB funded courses are available subject to funding approval.
  • There is a wide range of courses to choose from in a number of community locations.

Course development is dependent on tutor availability and what is being replicated / offered in the area already.


As the Project facilitator in disability support and mental health supports, we rely on co-production in the community. One of our valued assets is the City of Dublin ETB, Finglas Adult Education Service.  It is usually our first step to accessing knowledge and support, The Finglas branch was a personal journey for me also as I rediscovered my own wellbeing through their Community Education Classes in Cogitate Behavioural Therapy and Yoga Sandra Dillon, Meeting House Club

The course was great-I rent my house and I can’t do much to it, but our tutor gave us loads of cheap and practical ideas to cheer up the house that I can take with me when I leave type of thing. I am made a gallery wall  that has transformed my living room, I was getting depressed looking at it. She also gave us lots of ideas about how using lighting such as lamps can make such a big difference and how splashes of colour can really lift a room. The tutor was fantastic and I really loved the course. Avril Murphy, Interior Design Learner

Doing this course was really good for me  and  it broadened my mind in lots of directions. I’ve really enjoyed the group discussions and learned so much about diversity and different views. It really opened my eyes. Learner, Social Justice Class

 I think I’ve learned more from this course than I have in any other part of life so far. It has taught me to understand that it is ok for me to put myself first because when you understand who you are, it is easier to respond well to life, people, situations, instead of reacting which is actually very damaging to your health.  Siobhan Cleary, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Learner

I’d never done Yoga before or Mindfulness and this class was brilliant. Not only did it give me a bit of calm during the week I also felt my body and mind get stronger and I felt less anxious. I hope to do it again in September as its now a part of my week. Learner, Yoga and Mindfulness Class

May I take this opportunity to send my enormous thanks the City of Dublin ETB, for yet another excellent informative school term. We changed from a physical classroom onto a virtual classroom setting via ZOOM to our homes during this ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19. On a personal note, this new classroom format has been both effective and emotionally lifesaving whereby class participants were all able to continue to meet virtually as well as keeping in touch visually. Patricia Brazil, Computer Class Learner

I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Zoom’ community education class during the COVID-19 lock-down. The confidence I have gained from the class has given me energy and an appetite to continue to develop my skills. The work is so enjoyable, and I appreciate all the efforts and planning that goes into each class. Eilis Kinnane, Drawing Class Learner

 My experiences of zoom classes during lockdown have been completely positive.  I look forward to class returning in the autumn and surely at that stage I will have had the much-needed haircut; they may not recognise me! Ainé Leonard, Computer Class Learner

I loved doing these classes. Always looked forward to what the tutor was going to do the following week and met some new friends too. These classes helped me immensely. Not only are these classes very creative they are also very therapeutic. Bernie Devoy, Crafts Class Learner

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