CDETB Adult Education Finglas

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CDETB Adult Education Service, Barry Rd. Finglas. Dublin 11


Irish Book Launch [CLICK TO READ]

Under the direction of Nicola Callaghan, the Irish group produced a booklet to help people who are starting off in Irish. It is well laid out and attractive, making it  very useful to parents helping their kids or to people who want to brush up on their cúpla focail

Creative Writing Winners [CLICK TO READ]

CDETB Adult Education Centre have had many occasions to celebrate art and culture, in particular the students from the Creative Writing. The class meet once a week with their tutor, Joan Foley. Members of the class have won prizes in DCU Creative Writing Competition and CDETB Sports and Cultural Council[…]

Student Stories [CLICK TO READ]

Rowena shows how her education was giving a reboot in the CDETB Adult Education Centre in Finglas. Rowena went on to complete a BA in Humanities. Rowena is now a learning ambassador for Aontas, the Adult Education Learning organisation.

The Forever Young Chorus Finglas [CLICK TO READ]

What is the Forever Young Chorus Finglas ? The Forever Young Chorus Finglas is group of senior citizens from Finglas who perform hits made famous by bands such as Blondie, Coldplay, The Kinks, Abba, Bob Dylan, The Talking Heads, etc The Forever Young Chorus is conducted by their Music Director Paddy[…]

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