CDETB Adult Education Finglas

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CDETB Adult Education Service, Barry Rd. Finglas. Dublin 11 D11 CDR9


Student Stories [CLICK TO READ]

Rowena shows how her education was giving a reboot in the CDETB Adult Education Centre in Finglas. Rowena went on to complete a BA in Humanities. Rowena is now a learning ambassador for Aontas, the Adult Education Learning organisation.

Learning Disability [CLICK TO READ]

We have a small number of Learning Disability classes available throughout the week. Full details of days and times in the timetable. See our Support Guidelines for Adults with Learning Disability

Basic Skills [CLICK TO READ]

If you want to improve your reading and writing skills, we have courses for you. You can come to the centre three/four times a week to work on reading, writing, spelling, numbers and computer skills.

Return to Education to Upskill and Reskill [CLICK TO READ]

Do you want to improve your current skills or gain new skills? Have you been out of learning for some time? Perhaps you lost your job? Did you leave school without doing exams or do you think you would have got better results if you had applied yourself?

Life, Leisure and Community [CLICK TO READ]

Do you want to explore your creative talents, develop a new skill or hobby or resurrect an old interest, improve your mental health? We have classes in Art, Cognitive Behavioural Thinking, Drama, Classical Studies, Internet Skills, Irish, Psychology, and Relaxation.

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